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Freezing herbs for future use

Nothing is better than fresh herbs, but that's difficult to come by mid-winter sometimes. One way to try to preserve some of that freshness is by freezing.

Frozen herbs can be used for everything from adding a bit of fresh mint to your iced tea, to pre-measured herbs to throw into soups or various meals.



  • Herb that you are freezing

  • Oil that you like to cook with - or water


  1. Chop the fresh herb

  2. Fill ice-cube tray with herb about halfway

  3. Fill tray with oil (or water if for drinks rather than cooking) to top

  4. Make sure herb is entirely submerged (push down if needed)

  5. Freeze overnight

  6. Remove from tray, and place in labeled Ziplock bag with date.


Store in freezer for up to 12 months.

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