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DIY Fire-pit area with outdoor Movie Theater (for under $2000)

My big project idea in 2021, was to make an outside fire-pit movie theater area. I have bigger ambition than I do a bank account, however. So, I decided that if I wanted it bad enough, I could learn how to do it myself.

Step 1: Picking the location

We have a gigantic septic tank in our yard, so I had to find a desirable location that I could safely build on top of. Once I found a suitable location, I ordered the furniture, and the fire pit ring, mortar, and stones. You'll notice this is on a slight hill. I decided that it was going to be far too much effort to level the ground, and embraced the hill.

Step 2: Build the firepit.

I have to say that I think this was the most fun part. I cleared and raked out the area to ensure I was working on even (if not level) ground. The firepit ring came with instructions. You basically just stack the stones and apply stone glue between each level. On the 3rd level of stones, add the fire ring then the final level of stones. Once it is completed, fill with sand and stones, and allow 24 hours to dry.

Step 3: Lay the pavers.

Now it's time to lay the pavers. I miscalculated initially and had to re-order more pavers to make the area to the size of my liking. Once the pavers were all in place, I poured paver set polymeric sand over the area, and swept it into all the cracks and joints of the pavers. When all the spaces were filled, I sprayed the patio down with a hose, and allowed the pavers to set for 48 hours. In the future - I would put down a weed barrier, before placing the stones.

Step 4: Add some Floral Flourish

Now that the foundation is set, I want to pretty it up a bit. I ran edging in a more circular pattern around the front 2 corners, and the entire back of the area to take away from the blocky look it had previously. I filled the areas with potting soil, plants (3 season), and mulch. Then, finally place that furniture that's been in the background the whole time, in its place.

Step 5: Add the movie theater

We took 3 4"X 4" X 8' posts, and created a platform for the screen. We added 3 hooks to the platform, 2 on each side of the top, to hang the pull down screen from, and one at the very bottom to hook the opened screen onto, so it doesn't blow in the wind. we set up the projector, and speakers on the projector stand. Now - all that's left to do, is enjoy!!

Have you made your own theater/firepit area??? Tell me all about it. What worked, what didn't what is your advice or recommendations?

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