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Creating Ready to go - Soap Kits

I mentioned in my soap making vlog, that I make "soap kits" ahead of time, to cut down on prep time on the day I actually make the soap. My soap kits are essentially everything that I need to make soap, premeasured and separated, so I can get right to business of making soap when I'm ready.


  • 3 Zip lock bags

  • 2 Mason Jars

  • knife

  • cutting board

  • bowl

  • Permanent Marker

Ingredients (This is specific to my recipe - you can use whatever ingredients are relevant to you)


  1. Set the digital scale to ounces and clear out to zero.

  2. Place the bowl on the scale and set to zero.

  3. Start with the driest ingredients and work towards more wet as we go. In this case we will start with the lye. Weigh out 5.64 oz of lye.

  4. Label one of the Ziplock bags "Lye" and pour the lye from the bowl, into the Ziplock bag.

  5. Repeat this step with 10 oz of shea butter, followed by 10 oz Tallow. (You will need the knife and cutting board to cut off the 10 oz of shea butter from the block)

  6. Measure out the oils, in the same manner (8 oz Hazelnut, 10 oz Avocado, 4 oz Castor) and add them all to the Mason jar.

  7. With the second mason jar, add some oil of your choosing, (1-5 oz) This will be your base oil to dilute the essential oils for your soap.

  8. Choose the essential oils that you would like to add and place a few drops of the essential oils into the base oil in the mason jar. Let it sit for a few days if possible.

Thats it! You now have a Soap Kit.

I make 4 at a time (one for each season) and store them for when I'm ready to use them. Alternatively, I have considered as soon as I receive my ingredients, separating them up this way, to clearly display exactly how many doses I have available. That way I don't see a big tub of tallow, and think I have plenty, and open it up to find 1 scoop left in it. I hope this helps you guys out. Happy soaping.

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